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Leonardo Myers

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reference manager for windows is provided free of charge. our customers can upgrade to the latest version at any time, at no additional charge. if you have any questions or problems using reference manager, please contact us at if you would like to report a problem or request a new feature, please log in to reference manager and contact us at support@thomsonreuters. or, if you prefer, email the thomson reuters technical support group. thomson reuters new media contact:

thomson reuters endnote x7 v17 0 0 7072 3

thanks for the detailed reply jason. i see now that the endnote import filter handles the endnote tags with reference type-specific templates that are sensitive to user-customizations. after reading the creating a tagged endnote import file documentation, i was under the impression that the endnote tags were all used in all cases. i was also under the impression that they could consistently be used to insert into the designated data columns regardless of the field names assigned to reference types.

one question: my library consists of 11 types of reference records. the field names in the reference record types were assigned by endnote. these have not been changed, nor have any of the field names in the reference record types been changed. for the import filter i created a template and inserted the tag "reference type:" for each of the 11 record types. the template worked for the first tag. but when i changed the field name for the last of the reference record types the import filter started giving errors. it stopped inserting the tag and did not prompt me for an update. i have tried and tried to correct the error. but i cannot get the import filter to insert the last tag. the import filter has a list of "tag types" from which i can select and choose a type to insert into. but i cannot find a way to get the import filter to select the last tag. the only way i can get the import filter to work is to not use a template. in this case i need to choose a tag for each of the 11 record types. this is a much more cumbersome process.


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