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Funky Rocker Design Plans

Once youve got your first monkey rocker built, move on to the next step. The second step is to assemble the rocker. This involves assembling the head plate on top of the base that has the side slopes, and also assembling the base on the rocker platform. My manual includes some detailed diagrams and photos of how to do this, so you might want to read it to make sure you follow along.

Funky Rocker Design Plans

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I have used the following two types of epoxy paints to do this: polyurethane which is good for general use and for some finishes and also wax which is good for metal finishes. The polyurethane finishes are a little harder to work with and tend to get very tough and hard to sand off. The wax ones are a little soft and slide right off, but you need to be very careful not to leave any wax residue on the rocker, otherwise you will need to sand it to get rid of the finish, which doesnt always work well and is very time consuming.

Last but not least is to paint it all black, add the knobs, and finish it off with some shiny stuff. Glitter and good looks. The glitter makes the rocker super easy to see, even in a dark room. The other stuff gives a nice shine and makes the finish last. It is important to get a nice nice even finish because the next part is to wear down the finish.

You can wear the finish down in a number of different ways. If you have a heavy duty drill press and a suitable center punch or small drill, you can make shallow holes through the top of the rocker to wear it down. Then, if you arent using the rocker, just cover the top with something soft, like an old towel or a cover for the rocker itself (I used a black karoosean cover which is for the surround, but any soft cover would work just as well). You can also cover it in cork (thin corks as well) and use a saw to remove the soft stuff and expose the black metal underneath. Voila!


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