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We are a buy sell trade store located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta and Snellville, GA. We provide a wide selection of premium shoes such as Jordans, Nikes & Yeezys. We also have a selection of premium streetwear such as VLone, BAPE, Supreme, ASSC & more.

hype buy sell trade consign

Deadstock DMV was founded by sneakerheads for sneakerheads and streetwear lovers. We pride ourselves on only carrying the most sought after, rare and exclusive items for you. We are your modern day consignment shop, which means we buy, sell & trade both gently used, and brand new footwear of the highest caliber. We specialize in Yeezy, Air Jordans, Air Force 1's, and foamposites, just to name a few. All of our pre-owned shoes have been thoroughly inspected for flaws, and authenticated by a team with over 20+ years of experience in the industry. Our streetwear, accessories and gear from labels like Supreme, Drew, Prey, Fear of God, Essentials and more, are always brand new. We aim to always provide the best customer service through our friendly and knowledgeable staff, so that your experience with us leaves you 100% satisfied, 100% of the time.

PROJECT. is a leading Brisbane sneaker & streetwear store. We buy, sell & consign authentic sneakers online & in-store. Our sneaker & streetwear shop is located at 65 James, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD. Proving ourselves quickly as a reseller in the sneaker & streetwear community our team have been sourcing authentic sneakers & streetwear (YEEZY, AIR JORDANS, NIKE, FOG ESSENTIALS) for the past 5 years.

PROJECT. is a Brisbane streetwear & sneaker store. We buy, sell & consign authentic sneakers and streetwear including brands FOG Essentials, Yeezy, Air Jordan. Shop online or in our Brisbane sneaker & streetwear shop Located at 65 James St, Fortitude Valley.

HYPESTEIN is Sweden's first online store with a physical store on Bondegatan 48 in Stockholm that's focused on selling hyped sneakers and streetwear. Our agenda is simple: cutting edge streetwear and incredible customer service. We work 24/7 to give you the best gear and experience possible via our online store!

Creating an account on a consignment shop like StockX by Josh Luber is a good start. It serves as a middlemen between buyer and seller. Sneakerheads can bid or ask for shoes for resale. Therefore, you can buy and sell directly through the website.

Hey JV could you please give me some info on how to acquire shoes in bulk for my resell business? I have good luck scoring 1-2 pairs of each hyped shoe at drop price but cant seem to get much more (if any) than that. I would love to get some advice from someone like you who obviously knows the market well and has quite a bit more experience than myself. Thanks for writing such a great article to read!

Since most items consigned with COMC get cross-listed on eBay, you can use the eBay notification tools to help alert you to new items! I set up alerts for those three cards, and each time I got a notification, I was able to see if that was a listing from COMC or another random seller.

It would ultimately sell for $2.4 million as June came to a close. But that hype turned into an epic chase in the card-collecting world that included multiple bounties, an offer of a Lamborghini for the person who discovered the card, and intrigue from novices and expert collectors alike. Even rap megastar Drake got in on the hunt.

The problem for the sellers then wasn't a potential buyer but rather what the price would be and whether it would match the hype from before it was pulled. Private collectors thought the card would be valued only around $1.5 million. 041b061a72


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