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Pokemon - Search Results 'LINK'

Pokémon search is a feature on the page with Pokémon collection that allows a Trainer to create a filtered view of their Pokémon. This feature was introduced in update to version 0.67.1.[1] All search terms are case-insensitive and spacing is not necessary.

Pokemon - search results


The version 0.193.2 introduced advanced functions to Pokémon search.[2][3] Pressing the search bar will show a list of several recommended search specifications as buttons. A See More button is located on the top right, clicking it will display:

Filtering by name works just the same as a normal text search. It returns Pokémon whose name matches the query. This search does not search sub-strings, so the first part of the name must be supplied. This feature supports ASCII and Unicode input. Searching by a Pokémon species name ignores nicknames.

This method also works for a Pokémon family you're currently missing a stage of in collection or even Pokédex. For example, searching +wartortle when you don't have one will still show your collection of Squirtle and Blastoise.

Pokémon can be filtered similar to the way they can be searched by Pokédex number. The only difference is by adding "cp" in the front of the range to search for Pokémon by CP and "hp" in front to search for Pokémon by HP.

All the filter methods mentioned above can be chained together by separating the queries with colons (:), semi-colons (;), commas (,) and ampersands (&). Searches can also be inverted by negating (!) the search term.

Showing 1 to 6 of 6 results in Everything matching your query: pokemon phần 2-( XoSo99.Asia )Nhận miễn phí 100k xí ngầu-pokemon phần 2hyex06-pokemon phần 2hyex43-pokemon phần 2hyex5-( XoSo99.Asia )Nhận miễn phí 100k xí ngầu-pokemon phần 2hyex25-pokemon phần 2hyex79

Below are all of the currently available search terms in Pokémon GO. These search strings allow you to identify perfect IV Pokémon, find which Pokémon you can evolve, and even filter by which Pokémon have legacy moves (such as those from community days).

Slack provides two strategies for searching: Recent and Relevant. Recent search finds the messages that match all terms, and presents them in reverse chronological order. If a user is trying to recall something that just happened, Recent is a useful presentation of the results.

If a query shows messages M1, M2, and M3, and the searcher clicks M2, then there must have been something different about M2 that made it better than M1. Since M2 was a better result than M1, the difference in the corresponding feature vectors, F2-F1, should capture the difference, and this difference in values is given a positive label. Inversely, F1-F2 is given a negative label. There are several strategies for picking the pairs for the pairwise transform, and we tried a few before settling on one. We ended up pairing each click at position n with the message at position n-1 and the message at position n+1.

Every time you run a Recent search, we also run the Relevant search in parallel. We decide whether to show the Top Results section based on some simple heuristics, such as result diversity and quantity. Our initial experiment results show a significant increase in search sessions per user, an increase in clicks per search, and a reduction in searches per session, indicating that the Top Results module is helping users find what they are looking for faster.

According to Google, this year's overall trending searches from SA have a decidedly global feel. Where last year's top searches - load shedding and xenophobia - were distinctly local issues, this year's top searches show South African eyes are turned to the world at large, and are not just focused on home.

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