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Cummins Engine Serial Number Decoder \/\/TOP\\\\

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Cummins Engine Serial Number Decoder

Cummins engines will have the engine serial number on the dataplate. The dataplate on an engine can be a great reference because it will often also include additional information, such as CPL, horsepower, and RPM rating. However, the dataplate can be hard to find, as it will be in different locations based on the model of the engine. The location of the dataplate for your engine will be in your owner's manual. If you've long since lost the physical owners manual, but can access Cummins Quickserve, you can see a digital copy of the owner's manual there.

According to Diesel Pro Power, Cummins ISB engine serial numbers are commonly found on the rocker cover. And in some cases, they are printed on the side of the gear housing. If you're looking for Cummins ISM engine serial numbers, you can find them on the rocker housing located on the fuel pump side.

Cummins engine serial numbers look more like a classic serial number than Caterpillar ESNs do. Cummins ESNs are eight digits long and are composed only of numbers. They go in a numerical sequence, based on which engine came first off the assembly line. There is no special designation for particular models.

We know that finding and identifying your ESN can be a hassle, but knowing your ESN can be crucial when ordering parts for your diesel engine. Giving us part numbers will usually work if you are looking for a single part or two, but we absolutely need an ESN if you are looking for any kind of rebuild kit. If we know an ESN, we can look up all of the exact parts that your engine was built with, and know that were getting you the right stuff.

Engine serial numbers are specific numbers assigned to every individual engine. No engine that exists has the same serial number as another engine. If you know your engine serial number, you can find out the exact parts your engine was built with when it was first made.

Most engine serial numbers can be found on the dataplate. As you'll see later in this article, the dataplates for a certain type of engine can be found in various places depending on the model. However, Caterpillar is pretty consistent, and the dataplate on a Caterpillar engine can be found on the driver's side of the valve cover.

All Caterpillar ESNs have a similar format. They all begin with a three number/letter prefix, followed by 7 digits. The prefixes will correspond to a particular model. For example, prefixes of 1LW, 2WS, 5DS, 5EK, and 6TS indicate that the engine is a 3406E. For the more popular prefixes, people will refer to their engine by the prefix rather than the model. You may have heard someone say, "Oh, yeah, my 6NZ runs like a champ." A 6NZ is a common prefix for a single-turbo C15. Some prefixes' reputations precede them. For example, a C15 with a prefix of MBN is known as a "Bridge motor" (because it was the bridge engine from the mechanical C15 to the electronic C15 ACERT), and is often heavily critiqued.

Cummins engine will have the engine serial number on the dataplate; however, the dataplate will be in different locations based on the model of the engine. You can find the location of your dataplate in your owner's manual, but if you haven't held on to the physical copy of the manual, then you can access Cummins Quickserve and get a digital copy of the owner's manual there.

Cummins engine serial numbers look more like a classic serial number than Caterpillar ESNs do. They are composed only of 8 numbers. They're in a specific numerical sequence, based on which engine came off the assembly line first. There is no special designation for particular models.

We could (and did) write an entire blog on where you can find your Detroit Diesel engine serial number. Detroit is notoriously inconsistent when it comes to ESN placement. While the locations you can find your ESN are often consistent across a model, they aren't always, so don't panic if you go to look in the spot listed below and don't find it. It'll be on the engine somewhere, so just keep looking.

Thankfully, the format of Detroit engine serial numbers is more consistent than their location. It can still get rather complicated though. For the sake of keeping this guide simple, were just going to go over the highlights.

Navistar actually keeps the ESN location pretty simple. The engine serial number for Navistar engines can be found stamped on a pad on the block. For engines pre-2000 engines, that pad can be found on the left side of the block, just under the head to block parting line. For engines newer than that, the pad is on the right side of the block, between the oil cooler and the top of the block.

For most Navistar engines that were built after 1993, you'll need more than just the engine serial number as well. You will also need the engine model, model year, horsepower rating, and torque rating, which can all be found on the emission label. The emission label can be found on the top of the rocker cover or intake manifold.

Navistar engine serial numbers are probably the most informative of all the ESNs for the major OEMs. They have a specific format that will provide the engine model, configuration, application, country of origin, and unit number.

Because of the lack of foresight, finding parts that correctly fit an engine can be incredibly complicated. Engine serial numbers are important because they are the only guaranteed way to find the exact parts that an engine was built with. Usually, if you're buying a single part, providing the part number off the old part will also work. However, if you're looking to get an engine rebuild kit, we will always ask you for an engine serial number. This might seem excessive, but when it comes to an expensive kit with a lot of parts, we want to make sure you're getting the right thing. So, whether you're calling us or using our online quoting tool, be sure to provide your engine serial number.


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