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Vitendawili na Majibu Yake Pdf 11: A Collection of Swahili Riddles and Answers

Vitendawili na majibu yake pdf 11 is a book that contains 11 Swahili riddles and their answers. Riddles are a form of oral literature that test the wit and creativity of the listeners. They are also a way of preserving and transmitting cultural values and knowledge. Swahili riddles, also known as vitendawili, are usually based on metaphors, similes, proverbs, and wordplay. They often involve animals, plants, objects, or natural phenomena that are common in the Swahili culture and environment.

Download Zip:

The book is available for download from [this website]. It is written by putdisPbiote, who has also published other books on Swahili oral literature, such as How to Get Copytrans Contacts Serial Key for Free and Engineering Geology Parbin Singh Pdf Download. The book is divided into two sections: the first section contains the riddles and the second section contains the answers. Each riddle is numbered and has a corresponding answer in the second section. The book also has an introduction that explains the origin, purpose, and structure of Swahili riddles.

Some examples of the riddles and their answers from the book are:

  • Riddle 1: Adui lakini po pote uendako yuko nawe. (An enemy but wherever you go he is with you.)Answer 1: Inzi (A fly)

  • Riddle 10: Alipita mtu mwenye kibandiko cha nguo. (A person with a cloth sticker passed by.)Answer 10: Inzi (A fly)

  • Riddle 100: Kama kingekuwa mkuki, ungekuta kimekwisha kuua wote. (If it were a spear, you would find it has already killed everyone.)Answer 100: Kizingiti cha mlango (The door threshold)

The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Swahili riddles and their meanings. It can also be used as a fun and educational activity for children and adults alike. The book can help improve one's vocabulary, logical thinking, and cultural awareness. It can also foster a sense of humor and curiosity among the readers.

To download the book, visit [this link] and enjoy the challenge and amusement of Swahili riddles.


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