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How To Install Hydrogen OS Google Apps On OnePlus 2

If you are already running H2OS on your OnePlus 3 or 3T, then the new version should be available as an OTA. OnePlus has been promising to merge the two branches for some time now, but no progress has been reported on the matter, yet. However, you can flash it on international units as well. The official OnePlus forum has the download links and there is an English language option for the UI. If you decide to mix things up and go for it, we suggest checking out this XDA thread as well. Also, if you do use Google services on your device, be sure to pick up a Gapps package to flash alongside the 1.2GB ROM. OnePlus has a version of the Google Play Store in the Hydrogen OS app store for an easy install as well.

How To Install Hydrogen OS Google Apps On OnePlus 2

Now that your device is clean of its old OS, you can install your new one from TWRP's Install menu. You'll need to perform one or two flashes depending on the type of ROM you are installing. If it already comes prepackaged with Google apps, then you just need to flash the ROM, but if it doesn't, you'll need to download and flash a Google apps ZIP. The first flash must always be your new ROM, then the Google apps package second.

GrapheneOS will never include either Google Play services or another implementation of Google services like microG. It's possible to install Play services as a set of fully sandboxed apps without special privileges via our sandboxed Google Play compatibility layer. See the FAQ section for more details on our plans for filling in the gaps from not shipping Play services and Google apps.

The ROM for Hydrogen OS 3.0 weighs in at 1.2GB in download size and can be found in the OnePlus or XDA forums, with full details of the installation procedure. The forums also contain links for the Google Play Store installer, should you need to download Google apps after flashing your device.

Whether you use the ADB Shell commands or OnePlus debloater, you must the list of safe to remove system apps. I have prepared the list of pre-installed apps on OnePlus devices that can be uninstalled. However, I strongly advise you not to delete the apps blindly. Keep the OnePlus system apps you use and uninstall or disable only those apps that are useless for you.

Whether or not you have rooted your OnePlus phone, you can easily remove bloatware from it. Since you already have the OnePlus bloatware list, you can clean your phone safely and easily by following the instructions provided below. The ADB command method of uninstalling the system apps without root is very time-taking. There is a bloatware remover tool called Universal Android Debloater GUI that lets you get rid of bloat apps safely and quickly.

Thanks to the XDA Senior Member innocentwoolf who provide official stock Hydrogen OS for OnePlus 3T. To install Hydrogen OS on OnePlus 3T, you need to unlock bootloader and install TWRP Recovery first. The H2OS ROM has Chinese apps installed but you can use Debloater which removes all Chinese bloatware. Download H2OS for OnePlus 3T from below.

IST 02:05 pm: In its latest monthly FAQ, OnePlus has addressed some of the most common questions and issues affecting OxygenOS 11 including Dark Mode, Gallery app installation/slow loading, Parallel apps, and other issues. Head here for the full picture.


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