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FS2004 - Aerosim Classic Liners Vol.2 16

FS2004 - Aerosim Classic Liners Vol.2 16

If you are a fan of classic jetliners, you might be interested in the FS2004 - Aerosim Classic Liners Vol.2 16, a product that features 13 aircraft from the second generation of jetliners, such as the Douglas DC-8, DC-10, and Lockheed L-1011. These aircraft are modeled with realistic 2D and 3D cockpits, and some of them have INS and FMS systems that allow you to fly with LNAV and VNAV modes. You can also enjoy the approach and landing adventures that are included in the product, which challenge you to land at various airports in Japan.

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The FS2004 - Aerosim Classic Liners Vol.2 16 is the seventh product of AeroSim's Real Addon Series for FS2004, and it is the sequel to the Classic Liner, Vol. 1. It includes the jetliners of second generation, such as Douglas DC-8/DC-10, Lockheed L1011. They are in the classical liveries of Douglas and Lockheed. In addition, some of them wear the old liveries of PAA, TWA, NW, BA, DL HA and AC. Each aircraft has its own mouse clickable 2D/3D cockpit. Douglas DC-8 and DC-10 are equipped with INS. Lockheed L-1011 has INS connected to FMS. It was called ANS (Automated NAV System) that had advanced far compared with the INS of DC-8/DC-10.

The INS and FMS systems of the real aircraft were very complex systems. The same on the aircraft of this product are, therefore, simplified to an extent that any level of FS fan can easily manipulate it and enjoy. The product also includes the Approach & Landing Adventure of the flight to RJAA, RJTT, RJNN, RJCC, RJCH, RJFT, ROAH, RJOO and RJFF airports. Approach Charts for these airports are included in the handbook. The handbook in PDF format is contained in the download product.

You can download or order the FS2004 - Aerosim Classic Liners Vol.2 16 from AeroSim's website, or listen to some demo audio clips on SoundCloud . The product costs USD 35.00 and requires Windows98/Me/2000/XP and Microsoft Flight Simulator [A Century of Flight] to run.

If you love flying classic jetliners with realistic features and challenges, you should definitely check out the FS2004 - Aerosim Classic Liners Vol.2 16.


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