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Experience the Panda Life in 3D: A Realistic Animal Simulation Game

The Panda Game is a Canadian rivalry football game between the two OUA football teams in Ottawa, Ontario, the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees and Carleton University Ravens. It is one of the oldest and richest rivalries in Canadian university football. Its name is derived from the trophy presented to the winner each year; Pedro the Panda. The game is part of the regular East division season, but is celebrated profusely due to its history, the week preceding the game sometimes referred to as "Panda Week". uOttawa is located in the downtown Sandy Hill neighbourhood of the city, while Carleton is between Old Ottawa South and Dow's Lake.

In 1955, Bryan McNulty, a University of Ottawa student and associate editor for the Fulcrum and Thomas White, decided to promote the rivalry between their school and Carleton University. They asked a local jeweller, Jack Snow, to donate a stuffed panda that would be named "Pedro" to be used as a Gee-Gee mascot (as they had not adopted the Gee-Gee horse mascot yet).[1] McNulty and White later convinced Snow to display the panda in his front window and then organized the first "Pandanapping", a ritual in which Pedro would be stolen from each campus in various ways. "Pandanapping" would progress over the years to the point where major vandalism was involved and almost jeopardized the game's future.

panda game

The game quickly became the most well-known football game in Canada behind the Grey Cup and the Vanier Cup. The attendance at the Panda Game one year exceeded 16,000, which was higher than that of the Vanier Cup that same season.

The future of the Panda Game was in doubt after the incident, but the tradition ultimately carried on. The 1988 game was heavily monitored by police and there was a general lack of enthusiasm about the event.

The aging stadium at Lansdowne Park fell into disrepair in the 1990's. The folding of the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1996 left the venue without a full-time tenant. As it was economically unfeasible to maintain the venue so as to safely host a single football game annually, the game was moved to Carleton's Keith Harris Stadium in 1997.

The 2020 Panda Game was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the 2021 Panda Game, there were serious disturbances in Sandy Hill, resulting in several arrests and criminal charges. For the 2022 edition of the game, police have said they will increase their presence in the affected neighbourhood while officials threatened to cancel future Panda Games if such disturbances were repeated.[10] There were disturbances in Sandy Hill after the 2022 game, leading to seven arrests.[11]

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Trash is treasure! In this raucous card game, paw through the deck to find sets of day-old pizza, half-eaten candy, and other luscious leftovers. Roll the die to tip over the garbage or raid a rival's rubbish, if there's no Doggos standing guard. The more you roll, the more actions you can take - but get too greedy and your turn is scrapped! Stash the most trash and you're pick of the litter!

Fleury says that because of measures put in place by both universities, as well as the city and police, the pre-game activities and the Panda Game itself was a success. But the issue remains the post-game celebrations.

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We specialize in making tabletop board games of the highest quality, and our mission is to produce (and play!) the best games in the industry. We believe we are at our best when there is a mix of different pieces in the box, as we have significant experience with a vast array of different materials and components. In addition, as Panda Project Managers, we are dedicated gamers and scrutinize each game we work on with a discerning eye to help our customers maximize the impact of their design.

We do have some fun things going on to celebrate 15 years. We just launched an updated website design that should be easier for users to navigate and better showcase our capabilities. A critical part of the new design is our all-new pricing estimator tool. Now prospective designers and publishers can price out their game and adjust components on the fly to see how it affects the overall project. Lastly, we are celebrating by sharing some 15th-anniversary discounts and promos with our clients. You can learn more about them here.

It is a collaborative effort. Our clients come to us with a vision for what they want to do, then our team samples different iterations of these unique components until we get them to a place where the client and we are happy with everything. It is really amazing to see the prototypes of games and then compare them to the end product! It takes a lot of creative, hard-working people to make that happen and we love being in the middle of that process.

In the past, we took a broad approach, with various cool components inside the toolkit. Recently, our toolkit honed in on just print and paper components so we could really explore all of the options available to our clients. Of course, with a bunch of paper samples, we had to print something on them, so we introduced our Panda adventurers exploring a board game-inspired fantasy world.

Absolutely! One of the biggest thrills we have in our line of work is watching clients grow into full-time board game publishers. We have a lot of creators that started off with a single crowdfunded project and then built on that over time until they have a fully-fledged board game business on their hands. Stonemaier Games is probably one of the biggest examples of this, but there are a ton of others like Keymaster Games (Parks) and Thunderworks Games (the Roll Player and Cartographers series).

If we can survive a Trash Pandas game with an entire little league baseball team, I promise you can do it with your family. I can also promise you that Toyota Field was built for giving you the most fun experience at a baseball game anyone could ask for. I cannot say enough great things about the Trash Pandas, Toyota Field, and the experience altogether. I give our trip an A+++!

If you find ... Show More Enjoy this custom set of non-transitive dice from your friends at Panda! We hope they'll intrigue you as well, and maybe we'll see this concept in one of your future game designs.

Play the best panda games for free. We have collected 35 popular panda games for you to play on LittleGames. They include new and top panda games such as Panda Simulator, 3 Pandas In Japan, Panda Love2, Bottle Flip Challenge DAB 2 and Happy Panda. Choose a panda game from the list and you can play online on your mobile or computer for free.

Move over Po, the pot-bellied kung-fu panda in the movies, because there are new shaolin stars around. It turns out red pandas are not only skilful acrobats in real life but are the kick-ass Chinese mammals of a new card game from Morning Games. Ha-cha!

To that end, this is one of my boys go-to games when they are playing without a grown-up. All three of them get it and are competitive which ensures enjoyment for all. As an adult, if you are willing to embrace the push your luck and light strategy of the game you will enjoy playing Red Panda too.

We are about to hit double digits at Panda! We will be celebrating our 10 year Anniversary next year. Our founder, Michael Lee, started the company by making a single game in 2007 and now we produce 100s of titles a year. Michael was a passionate gamer and his father did a lot of business in China. Mike went along on one of these trips and figured that he could put the different talents and processes together to make a game and the idea for Panda was born.

Yes. We have our own printing facility in Shenzhen China where we print all of the boxes, cards, punchboards, and anything else that is printed for a board game. We work closely with partner factories for our non-printed components like dice and wooden pieces. These items are made at a few different locations we oversee, and then are sent to our factory for final quality control checks and assembly.

Founder of Meeple Mountain, editor in chief of, and software engineer. Father of 4, husband to 1, lover of games, books, and movies, and all around nice guy. I run Nashville Game Night, and Nashville Tabletop Day.

Meeple Mountain believes that board gaming is the gateway to building better relationships. We are a group of passionate individuals who share our love of board games through written and video reviews, articles, and humor, so that others can join us in our journey.

As Yahtzee has noted, cozy games are in, in a big way, and it was a pretty excellent decision to make the protagonist a red panda. Aka looks like it will be a great addition to the quasi-genre upon its release date next month.

For more games showcased today, check out sports RPG Sports Story, plant-based puzzle game Botany Manor, hand-drawn co-op adventure Blanc, Indonesian slice-of-life pixel art adventure A Space for the Unbound, and our full roundup of all the games that appeared.

Namra, the creator of Aka, recently endured every indie game developer's nightmare: a mixed reception at launch. In Aka, players take on the role of a red panda by the same name as the game, and adapt to island life much like farmers flocking to Stardew Valley and other similar cozy titles. But unlike AAA juggernauts, indie titles often lack the resources to bounce back or course correct after making a rough first impression.

Namra's initial response to the harsh reviews was confusion. The game had been shown off ahead of launch in several formats and venues, including Jirard Khalid's IndieLand event, all to largely positive reception. When Namra realized that players' grievances were based on progress-blocking bugs, he felt awful.


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