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Download TRAHA Global APK for Android - Free MMORPG Game

Traha Global: A Real RvR MMORPG for Mobile and PC

Are you looking for a new and exciting MMORPG that offers a real RvR (Realm vs Realm) experience, stunning graphics, massive battles, diverse classes, and rich content? If so, you might want to check out Traha Global, a game that is available for both mobile devices and PC. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Traha Global, including what it is, how to download it, and how to play it on different platforms. Let's get started!

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What is Traha Global?

Traha Global is a RvR MMORPG that is based on the confrontation between two major factions: the Noblian Empire and the Federation of Haran. The game is developed by Moai Games and published by Nexon, one of the leading companies in the gaming industry. Traha Global was first released in South Korea in 2019, and then expanded to other regions in 2020. The game has received positive reviews from critics and players alike, praising its high-quality graphics, immersive gameplay, and extensive customization options.

The story and setting of Traha Global

The game is set in a fantasy world called Artesia, where a mysterious energy called Traha flows. This energy has the power to create or destroy anything, and it is the source of conflict between the two factions. The Noblian Empire is a militaristic and authoritarian regime that seeks to control Traha and use it for its own benefit. The Federation of Haran is a democratic and progressive alliance that wants to protect Traha and share it with everyone. As a player, you can choose which faction you want to join, and fight for your cause in various modes such as PvP, PvE, RvR, guild wars, raids, dungeons, etc.

The features and gameplay of Traha Global

Traha Global offers a lot of features and gameplay elements that make it stand out from other MMORPGs. Here are some of them:

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Detailed customization

You can make your very own Traha by customizing your character's body type, facial features, hair style, skin color, voice, etc. You can also choose from over 100 costumes and accessories to dress up your character according to your preference. You can even change your character's class at any time without losing your progress or skills.

Stunning graphics and open world

The game uses the Unreal Engine 4 to deliver stunning graphics that rival console games. You can explore a vast open world with different regions such as forests, deserts, mountains, oceans, etc. Each region has its own unique landscape, weather, wildlife, culture, etc. You can also interact with various NPCs and objects in the world, such as fishing, cooking, crafting, trading, etc.

Massive battles and faction wars

The game features massive battles that can involve up to 1000 players at once. You can participate in various modes such as RvR (Realm vs Realm), where you can fight against players from the opposing faction in large-scale wars; PvP (Player vs Player), where you can challenge other players in arenas or duels; PvE (Player vs Environment), where you can team up with other players or solo various quests, dungeons, raids, etc.; guild wars Diverse classes and skills

The game offers six main classes: Warrior, Berserker, Rogue, Archer, Guardian, and Mage. Each class has its own unique skills, weapons, and play style. You can also choose from four sub-classes: Paladin, Assassin, Hunter, and Priest. Each sub-class has its own skill tree and specialization. You can mix and match different skills from different classes to create your own custom build.

Rich content and activities